High-End Home Renovation in Toronto: Getting the Most Value from Your Home Renovations

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High-End Home Renovation in Toronto: Getting the Most Value from Your Home Renovations
High-end home renovation in Toronto has been elevated to new heights in recent years. The hot housing market has created a veritable sellers’ haven around the city – there’s truly never been a better time to be a homeowner in Toronto. This also means that there’s never been a better time to renovate your home. Working with a custom home builder and putting a little money into the improvement of your home can add tremendous value to the resale price of your house.
There are many factors to consider when thinking about a high-end home renovation in Toronto. What’s your budget? Which contracting company should you work with? What are you looking to improve? These are important questions that you must take into account. Also consider that some renovations simply don’t add value to your home. Consulting with a trusted high-end renovation expert in Toronto will be an invaluable first step to updating your living space, whether you’re trying to enhance your dream home or prep it for sale.
To ensure your custom home building project  runs on budget and on time, it’s important to set out an item-by-item inventory with your contractor. Once timeline, budget and inventory are agreed on, signing a binding contract is something that every reputable high-end renovation company in Toronto should do. There are obviously major differences in project length and cost depending on whether you’re creating a custom kitchen or erecting a multi-room, second story addition. A knowledgeable builder should provide realistic numbers based on the size of the project.
If you have concerns about the track record of a particular company when screening for your high-end renovation in Toronto, ask for vetting documents like written testimonials from past customers. Also ask around to see if any friends or family have worked with the company before. Looking at a catalogue of "before and after” transformation shots is another worthwhile step.
When looking for a high-end home upgrade to make your space more livable, ask your builder what similar projects have cost their past customers. Think about the elements that best suit your tastes. Are you interested in custom tile work in your kitchen or bathrooms? Are stainless steel appliances or custom vanities a must? Is hardwood flooring or exterior stone walkways on your project list, or do you have mobility issues and require a wheelchair accessible home builder? Each of these improvements will suit different budgets, cater to different needs and provide varying returns on your investment in the long term.
Ask home renovators about their past projects and the value their customers got out of the finished product. Home ownership is often an individual’s greatest asset and high-end renovation in Toronto can yield tremendous dividends. Many custom home renovations can double or triple in value once on the open market. Imagine if your $300,000 renovation could increase your home’s value by $900,000! When factoring in the location of your Toronto home, these figures are attainable.
If you’re ready to take the next step in your home improvements, whether for your immediate comfort or the long-term market value of your home, consider how great a time this is to engage in a high-end home renovation in Toronto.

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